Euroboor Magnetic Drilling Machine

Euroboor is a world-renowned manufacturer of magnetic drilling and cutting tools based in the Netherlands. Euroboor is famous for its innovation in the field of magnetic drilling machines, which have gone on to become the industry standard like  Lubricated gears, Voltage surge protection, Gyro meter with auto shut-off function in the event of a fall, etc. The magnetic drilling machines are designed to facilitate accurate, efficient hole cutting without compromising the safety of the operator.

Euroboor range includes Magnetic drilling machines, Lifting magnets, HSS and TCT Annular cutters, Carbide burrs, Drill bits, and Hole saws.

Adex International is the premier supplier of Euroboor products in the UAE with an efficient distribution network covering all emirates. The global trading division handles exports to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, etc., and to African countries like Libya, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, etc.

Adex International also provides service and repair of Euroboor machines at their dedicated service centers. Genuine spare parts are used in the repair thus ensuring the quality and longevity of the machines.

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