Macstroc Magnetic Drilling Machine

Macstroc is an industrial brand specializing in delivering cutting-edge technologies to a global array of industries, including steel fabrication, pipe fabrication, automotive manufacturing, bridge construction, shipbuilding, general construction, and the Oil and gas sector.

Macstroc’s magnetic drilling machines embody versatility and power, catering to a wide range of drilling needs. Equipped with variable speed options, these machines offer flexibility in adjusting drilling speeds to suit different materials and tasks. The inclusion of powerful magnets enables both vertical and horizontal drilling, providing stability and precision in various orientations. These machines are well-suited for a multitude of applications, including drilling, tapping, and reaming, making them a versatile tool that can handle diverse tasks with ease and efficiency. Whether it’s a straightforward drilling operation or a more intricate task like tapping, Macstroc’s magnetic drilling machines stand as reliable companions for professionals seeking accurate and reliable drilling solutions. Macstroc provides a range of offerings including a low-profile magnetic drilling machine, an autofeed magnetic drill, and drills tailored for tapping and drilling applications.

Macstroc Magnetic Drilling Machine supplier in Dubai

Adex International LLC proudly serves as the premium supplier of Macstroc products in the UAE, backed by an efficient distribution network that covers all emirates. Additionally, Adex International’s global trading division facilitates exports to prominent Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Yemen, and across the African continent to countries like Libya, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, and Sudan.

At Adex International LLC, we offer an extensive selection of Macstroc magnetic drilling machines to meet the unique requirements of businesses across various industries. Furthermore, Adex International extends its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering dedicated service and repair for Macstroc magnetic drilling machines guaranteeing both the quality and longevity of your Macstroc equipment.

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