Welding machines are crucial in almost all industries be it fabrication, construction, manufacturing, technology, or aerospace.

UAE is a country with a deep emphasis on construction, Oil & Gas, manufacturing, and infrastructure, thus welding machines play a vital role in economic growth and industrial advancement contributing to the nation’s prosperity and competitiveness on the global stage.

Major types of Welding Machines include Arc welding machine(SMAW), Gas welding machine, Plasma Arc Welding machine, Laser welding machine, Spot welding machine, Stud welding machine, Tig welding machine  (GTAW), and  Mig Welding machine (GMAW)

Adex International: Welding Machine Supplier in UAE

Adex International LLC is the premier supplier of major welding equipment brands like Miller, Lincoln, Telwin, Canaweld, Joosha, Blue Arc, Ador, ESAB, etc.

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