Arton Metal Cut-Off Saw Machine 16” Single Phase

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ARTON Metal Cut-Off Saw machines are mainly used to cut various profiles, such as pipes, bars, angle steels, channel steels, etc. Especially suitable for cutting various pipes, steel window materials, flat and thin parts, and

various hard alloy steels, without special requirements for the workplace, small size, lightweight, and easy to flow construction. The main shaft of the machine adopts high-precision sealed lubrication bearings and uses fiber-reinforced grinding wheels with adjustable rotation to cut steel profiles, the power switch is directly installed on the operating handle, with simple and reliable operation, and fast cutting speed. This series of Metal Cut-Off Saw machines can be cut by multi-angle, after removing the bottom plate, and replacing the applicable cutting sheet, can be cut on a variety of plates.


  • Improved motor design to make tough cutting easier.
  • Powerful induction motor.
  • Cast iron base easy to transfer.
  • Solid cast iron wheels for mobility.
  • Adjustable cutting angle up to 45°
  • Mounting brackets.

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