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The Buddy™ Arc 400i & 400i XC are heavy-duty, fan cooled, IGBT based inverter controlled power sources for MMA / TIG (scratch-start) welding. A wide current range and powerful welding performance make the Buddy™ Arc machines suitable for a wide range of MMA electrode types, such as:- General purpose – Low-hydrogen- Stainless steel- CellulosicThe Buddy™ Arc 400i XC model has controlled welding dynamics that provides even better weld properties for welding pipe root passes, e.g. with cellulosic electrodes.The Buddy™ Arc machines are also capable of performing TIG welding with precise current control. All you need is an optional TIG-torch with a gas valve, a gas regulator and a cylinder of gas. You can weld mild steel or stainless steel material with or without filler material.


400 V , 50 Hz

Welding Output

/ @ Duty Cycle

Open Circuit Voltage

78 VAC
68 VAC

Power Factor at Maximum Current



4C x 4


29 kg

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