Euroboor BM45AIR Mini Air Bevelling Machine

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Compact and lightweight machine on airpower.

The BM45AIR is the smallest bevelling machine in our range. Although it fits in the palm of your hand, don’t underestimate it’s power! The BM45AIR is designed for deburring and rounding edges on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. Perfectly suitable for machining holes from the internal diameter of 8 mm.

• Compact and great ergonomic design;
• Lightweight machine;
• Including 2x 45° and 2x R1.5 cutting plates;
• Safety lever trigger to prevent accidental starts;
• Bevel depth indicator for precise adjustment of the bevel size;
• 6-speed air speed regulator.

No-load speed

28,000 rpm

Working pressure

6.3 bar


320 g

Max. working angle



150 mm


137 mm


45 mm

Air inlet

Ø 6.35 mm

Air hose

Ø 9.525 mm

Connector type

Euro type 1/4"

Avg. Air consumption

5 SCFM (0.15 M³/min)

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