Euroboor ECO.80S+ Magnetic Drill Machine

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Ø 12 – 80 mm / 27.3 kg

Thanks to its four-speed oil lubricated gearbox our portable Euroboor ECO.80S+ magnetic core drilling machine is able to tackle twist drilling tasks just as easily as big diameter annular cutter challenges. The innovative electronics in this magnetic core drilling machine offer more safety, significantly reduce the risk of damage of the machine, tool and workpiece and protects the user in case of excessive vibrations or sudden displacement. The lifespan is considerably longer and you avoid high maintenance costs.

Four- speed gearbox
Oil lubricated gearbox
Morse Taper 3 spindle with integrated tool cooling and lubrication
Strong dual coil CNC machined 2-way magnet
Carbon brush protection:
Carbon brush wear indictor
Automatic shut-off
Suitable for use in areas and workplaces where power supply is of less quality
Reduced risk of armature damage
Reduced risk of control unit(s) damage
Timely service notification to avoid additional cost by unexpected downtime or unnecessary part replacement

Annular cutting

Ø 12 – 80 mm

Twist drilling

Ø 1 – 31,75 mm


Ø 10 – 85 mm


365 mm


310 mm


510 – 710 mm


260 mm


27.3 kg

Magnet (l x w x h)

220 x 110 x 64 mm

Magnetic force

3,000 kg

Motor power

1,700 W

Total power

1,800 W

Speed (no load)

(I) 200 rpm
(II) 300 rpm
(III) 415 rpm
(IV) 650 rpm

Speed (load 1,700 W)

(I) 150 rpm
(II) 200 rpm
(III) 275 rpm
(IV) 400 rpm

Spindle (Weldon)

MT3 19,05 mm


110 – 120 V / 60 Hz
220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Case content

1 x ECO.80S+ Magnetic drilling machine
1 x safety guard
3 x handles
1 x hex key 2.5 mm
1 x hex key 4 mm
1 x hex key 5 mm
1 x lubrication system
1 x safety chain
1 x bottle (200 ml) of IBO.10 cutting oil
1 x arbor MT3 – 19,05 Weldon (3/4"), including lubrication ring (IMC.30/19-N)
1 x morse taper ejector drift key
1 x user manual
1 x safety ear protection
1 x safety goggles
1 x safety gloves

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