Euroboor TUBE.55/AIR Pneumatic Magnetic Drill Machine

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Ø 12 – 55 mm / 16.7 kg

The portable Euroboor TUBE.55/AIR pneumatic drilling machine is equipped with an air-powered, spark-free motor and a non-electric, permanent dual magnet base. Connected to a compressor, it can be used for drilling on round as well as flat workpieces where electrical machines are less convenient or not allowed, especially in areas and spaces with potentially explosive atmospheres, such as offshore and petrochemical industries, as well as mining.


• Permanent, non-electric magnet system
• No loss of magnetic grip in case of electric power cuts or fluctuations
• Flexible dual magnet array which automatically adjust to the geometry of the workpiece
• Powerful hold, even on thinner steel thicknesses

Annular cutting

Ø 12 – 52 mm (HSS)
Ø 12 – 55 mm (TCT)

Twist drilling

Ø 1 – 23 mm


Ø 12 – 55 mm


345 mm


245 mm


630 – 730 mm


167 mm


16.7 kg


275 x 190 x 80 mm

Magnetic force

900 kg

Min. material thickness

3 mm

Min. pipe diameter

80 mm

Speed (no load)

380 rpm

Spindle (Weldon)

MT3 19.05 mm

Power source

Air, min. 6.3 bar,
max. 8 bar,
consumption 1.1 m³/min

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