Euroboor VAC.50s+ Vacuum Drilling Machine

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Ø 12 – 50 mm / 9.9 kg

Innovation is here!

With the new Euroboor VAC.50s+ drilling machine the possibilities are endless. This revolutionary machine for annular cutting and drilling is especially made for horizontal application on non-magnetic surfaces. It actually sticks to almost all smooth surfaces (such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, composites, brass, bronze, zinc, lead or even copper) by using unique vacuum technology.

Push your limits and see what the new VAC.50s+ can do for you. The powerful motor with oil-lubricated gearbox ensures that you can drill energy-efficiently, more smoothly and faster with a maximum drill diameter of 50 mm. With our matching Cutting Paste IBP.70 the performance is even better, which saves you time and money.

Annular cutting

Ø 12 – 30 mm (steel and hard metals)
Ø 12 – 50 mm (other metals and plastic)

Twist drilling

Ø 1 – 13 mm (steel and hard metals)
Ø 1 – 23 mm (other metals and plastic)


Ø 10 – 55 mm


430 mm


190 mm


420 – 590 mm


170 mm


9.9 kg

Vacuum base (l x w x h)

300 x 140 x 21 mm

Adsorption force

300 kg

Vacuum motor (integrated)

– Air flow: 15 L/min
– Gauge pressure: -80 kPa
– Power: 12 W
– Voltage: 12 V

Motor power

1250 W

Total power

1300 W

Speed (no load)

(I) 380 rpm
(II) 690 rpm

Speed (load 1250 W)

(I) 235 rpm
(II) 415 rpm

Spindle (Weldon)

MT3 19.05 mm


110-120 V / 60 Hz
220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

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