FIAC AB 200-360 M 200L Air compressor 240V

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RPM 1,500
200 lt. Tank
Pressure 10 bar
350 l / min Free Air Delivery
Power supply 240 V ~ 50 Hz
3 Hp motor

This compressor has a 200 liter tank and a single-stage pumping unit , which succeeds 350 liters of air per minute , made of 2 cast iron cylinders and aluminum pistons that work in an oil bath.

The operating pressure reaches 10 bar and can be changed at the output by acting on an integrated control knob.

It has two pressure gauges (which measure the pressure level of the tank and the pressure delivered) and a safety valve that activates when the pressure inside the tank exceeds the maximum limits set.
At the side of the head is a flap cooling collector that keeps the air temperature low.

A wide one-piece carter (patented by FIAC to guarantee the total absence of oil leaks) contains the lubrication necessary for regular operation for long times, making it possible to replace infrequent oil; a light (small transparent port) allows immediate control of the oil level.

The single-phase 3 Hp motor (Kw 2,2), with a rotation speed of 1,500 rpm , is among the most powerful used with the common home network.

The pressure switch supplied regulates the maximum working pressure by automatically activating the engine to fill the tank when the pressure level drops.
Thanks to the rubber wheels and the comfortable ergonomic handle it is easily transportable.

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