Makita PF0410 Submersible Water Pump

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400 W • 140 l/min
Compact water pump for light applications
This compact electric water pump is suitable for pumping water from a well, for example. A handy tool for pumping water out of indoor premises. Easy to set up, with a capacity of 140 l/min.

• Best for dewatering cellars, bassins and garden lakes.
• Professional pump for dirt water contaminated with up to 35mm particles.
• Float switch automatically switches off the motor to protect the pump from running dry when the water level falls below the capacity, then automatically switches on when water level rises.
• In compliance with IP68 standards.


Maximum Output Power

400 W


140 L/min

Lifting height max.

5 m

Power Supply Cord

10 m

Grain size inlet

35 mm

Product weight

3,30 kg

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

160 x 168 x 345 mm

Tool power source


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