MARK AIR DRYER 370W 1PH ¾” 2100 L/MIN – PART No. MDS21

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Mark is the largest Air Dryer Manufacturer in the World with a 45-Year legacy serving various industries. With an easy to operate On-Off Controller, 3-In-1 Heat Exchanger And A Durable Refrigerant With Environment-Friendly Gases, We guarantee energy efficiency and longer runtime.

  • Reliability
    • Worldwide reputation over 45 years
    • Reliable components
    • Largest air dryer manufacturer
    • Fault alarm function
  • Simplicity
    • Compact design
    • Simple technology
    • Easy maintenance
    • Simple controller
    • Simple timer solenoid drain
    • On-off switch
  • Uncompromised Quality
    • ISO 9001 ISO 14001 quality assurance
    • OHSAS 18001 quality assurance
    • World renowned refrigerant compressor
    • Industry proven fan motor
    • In-house engineered condenser and evaporator
    • International standard refrigeration gases
  • Easy Installation & Serviceability
    • Inlet-outlet from the top
    • Easily removable side panels
    • Easily serviceable
    • Easy setting of drain intervals

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