Miller Big Blue® 400 Pro Engine-Driven Welder

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Heavy-Duty Low-Speed Kubota V1505 Industrial Diesel Engine
Used in industrial applications around the world, the V1505 is designed to run 10,000 hours before major overhaul. Backed by worldwide support and service.
Dynamic DIG™
Unlike conventional DIG that provides a preset amount of short-clearing current, Miller’s proprietary Dynamic DIG works on a time-based algorithm that automatically adjusts the amount of current required to clear a short. What does this mean? A smoother more consistent arc that can be tailored to match application, material, fit-up, and welder technique. Learn More
Quiet Operation
Improves work site safety and communication.


Digital Meters with SunVision™
Enables welding parameters to be viewed with greater clarity at virtually any angle. Meters can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.
Industrial USB Port
Quickly upload the latest software and download machine log files to retrieve in-depth information such as diagnostics and machine statistics. Learn More
Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS)
Detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch.
Simple-to-Set Controls
Requires no elaborate procedure – just select process and weld!
HD Powder Coat
All painted sheet metal is pretreated with a zinc-rich primer to provide extra protection against rust & corrosion (comparable to stainless steel).
Advanced Features for the Professional Welder
• Adaptive Hot Start™ makes starting stick electrodes easy without creating an inclusion.
• Infinite arc control available in the Stick and Wire modes for easier fine tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications.
• Lift-Arc™ TIG provides arc starting that minimizes the risk of electrode/work contamination without the need for high frequency.
Low OCV Stick (VRD)
When activated, reduces the open-circuit voltage to 15 volts when the power source is not in use, increasing operator safety without compromising arc starts.
Other Standard Features
Output contactor control, automatic idle, thermal overload protection, and 120-volt engine block heater.


Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)


Big Blue® 400 Pro (Kubota)

Industries Interests

Maintenance and Repair – Field Operations
Mechanical Contracting
Pipe Fabrication / Construction

Cold Weather Starting Aids

Engine Block Heater
Glow Plugs

Engine Brand


Engine Compliance


Engine Idle Speed

1500 RPM

Engine Weld Speed

1800 RPM

Fuel Tank Size

11.5 gal.

Fuel Type



20 A – 400 A


20.2 hp

Weldable Metals

Stainless Steel

Rated Output

400 A at 24 V, 100% Duty Cycle,350 A at 27 V, 100% Duty Cycle,300 A at 32 V, 100% Duty Cycle

Single Phase Generator Continuous Power

10000 W

Single Phase Generator Peak Power

12000 W

Sound Rating

Idle: 66 dB, Weld: 71.6 dB

Rated Carbon Diameter

3/16 in (4.8 mm)

Current Type


Max Open Circuit Voltage

85 VDC


Lift Eye (Standard)
Trailer (Optional)

Weld Output


Net Width

26.25 in

Net Height

32 in

Net Length

56 in

Net Weight

950 lbs


3 Years


CSA Certificate of Compliance 70209889

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