MK Ceiling Rose, 3 Pin Plug-in-Type, K3343 WHI

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MK 3 Pin Plug – in – Type Ceiling Rose

3 Pin Plug – in – Type Ceiling Rose

Product Description:
Product Range: Logic Plus
Model No:K3343WHI

  • Fixing center at 50.8mm for surface mounting on BESA boxes.
  • Terminal capacity: 2 x 4 mm2 and 3 x 2.5 mm2 rigid cable.
  • Earth connection from both fixing holes to earth terminals.
  • Construction of base is such that plug insertion is only possible in correct manner (polarised).
  • High impact base material. 4 pins as standard can be used in 3-pin and 4-pin application.
  • Plugs in white for 3 pin & red for 4pin. Terminal capacity 1 x 1.5mm2 flexible.
  • Cable clamp to securely clamp cable outer sheath. Current rating: 6A max.
  • Plug cover encloses all terminal screws and cable clamp.
  • Construction of plug is such that it can only be inserted in one orientation.
  • Earth pin makes first and breaks last. High impact and High temperature material.
  • Live contacts are inaccessible Earth Contact – first to make and last to break.
  • Mechanical and Electrical connection in one swift plugging action.
  • Supports static loads up to 5 kg.
  • Conforms with BS6972 and BS5733 wherever applicable.
  • Fits standard BESA boxes with 50.8 mm fixing centers Surface mounting.
  • COVER Screw fixed to the periphery of the base.
  • Cable aperture in cover kept to a minimum.
  • High impact resistant and high temperature withstand material.

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