VAREM Pressure Tank S2 019 631

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Pressure tanks are an integral part of the potable water distribution system. Varem is the market leader in pressure tanks in the UAE ,as it is approved by almost all the major project consultants ,due to its superior quality and performance. Varem Pressure tanks are manufactured in Italy adhering and exceeding all the international standards.
Varem pressure vessels come in 10 bar and 16 bar options
Adex International is the premier supplier of Varem Pressure vessels in UAE with operations in Dubai,Sharjah ,Abu Dhabi,Ras Al khaimah,Ajman ,Fujairah and Alain. They also have an export wing which caters to The GCC and MENA region


19 L

Maximum Press

8 bar


1 In


270 D x 420 H


0.033 Vol.m3


-10 to 99 °C

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