Vibration Meter PCE-WVS 50

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Accelerometer  / display OLED /  / frequency range 10-1000 Hz
A distinctive feature of the accelerometer is the ability to work in the following modes: Classic vibrometer – means using the device as an indicator of the overall vibration level, measuring peak values, displacement or diagnosing rolling bearings using the crest factor. As a result, the accelerometer displays the current and the average value. The duration of the averaging of the vibration values ​​can be individually adjusted on request.
TThis mode is useful for daily monitoring of equipment: pumps, gearboxes, electric drives and turbochargers, including individual units of rotating equipment and the entire unit as a whole, providing a general understanding of the vibrational state of industrial equipment at the enterprise.
The accelerometer is a portable vibration monitoring assistant that greatly improves the vibration monitoring process, making it extremely easy, convenient, and accurate.


– with magnetic holder
– High measurement accuracy for 3 vibration parameters: vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, and
  vibration displacement
– Standard USB Type-C charging port
– Built-in rechargeable battery
– USB Type-C charging port
– Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity (option)


Vibration velocity 0,01 … 200 mm/s
Vibration acceleration 0,1 …  200 m/s²
Vibration displacement 2 … 2000 μm
Frequency range 10 … 1000 Hz
Accuracy ± 5 %
Protection class IP Sensor ІР 54
Power supply Li-pole battery, 3.7 V; 370 mAh
Battery life of the sensor depending on the intensity of the work 4 – 8 h
Interface USB, type C, Bluetooth LE 5.
Operating time approx. 8 h
Charging time 1,5 h
Environmental conditions -10 … +55° C, <85 % r.h.
Overall dimensions (with magnetic attachment) 30 х 28 х 90 mm
Display OLED  0,91″
Weight 70 g


1 PCE-WVS 50 vibration meter
1 x operating instructions

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