Industrial fans play a significant role in UAE, owing to high humidity levels and  hot climate with day time temperature usually exceeding 40°C for the significant part of the year. Industrial fans are crucial to the smooth working of the manufacturing plants, Foundries, Power plants, Oil&Gas sector and  warehouses

Proper ventilation ,air circulation and removing contaminants from the ambient air  is of paramount importance in order to maintain air quality in industrial environments.


    • Industrial Pedestal fan: Pedestal fans are best suited for industrial settings where there should be flexibility in positioning of air flow. These fans are portable and can be moved as per the preference of the user.
    • Industrial Wall mounted Fan: Industrial wall-mounted fans by installing on the wall, saves valuable floor space in industrial facilities, which is critical for companies with limited floor plan or where the floor is to be kept free .
    • Portable Ventilator: Mostly used in confined spaces ,Portable ventilation fans facilitates air circulation by drawing in fresh air from outside and expelling stale air from indoor spaces, thus  reducing stuffiness, removes odors, and prevents the buildup of pollutants, dust, and airborne particles.
    • Mist Fan: Mist fans are fans that combine water mist and the air generated by the fan to provide a cooling effect to the user. These fans are best suited for semi outdoor gatherings, as it reduces the ambient temperature and
    • Warehouse Ceiling Fans: Warehouse fans are widely used in distribution centers and manufacturing facilities due to their ability to better circulate the air and maintain optimal conditions in storage facilities.

Adex International: Supplier of Industrial & Commercial Fans in Dubai

Adex International LLC is the leading supplier of Industrial & Commercial Fans with a  distribution network, spanning Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Al Ain.

Adex International has an export trading division supplying to the MENA [Middle east and North Africa] like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Qatar, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan ,Tajikistan, Egypt, Lebanon etc.

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