Oil free Air compressor or Oil less Air compressor is used in applications where clean air is essential like laboratories, dental clinics, pharmaceutical, food or electronic manufacturing.

Usage of Oil free air compressor ensures that the compressed air does not have any oil contaminants which is critical for certain high precision industries.

Oil-free for your critical applications

Make decades of experience in delivering oil-free compressed air in a wide range of applications work for you.

  • Automotive
    high quality paint finishes, smooth running processes, better health
  • Food & Beverage
    healthy, better tasting high-quality end products
  • Chemical
    increased product purity, better processes, less waste, increased safety
  • Electronics
    uninterrupted control systems and maintenance of the ultra-clean conditions essential to high product quality
  • Oil & gas
    trouble-free control systems and processes, upgraded safety, security and a higher quality end product
  • Textiles
    more efficient production, reduced repair and maintenance costs, improved textile quality, less wastage
  • Pharmaceuticals
    pure products, reducing contamination risks, more efficient processes, decreased wast

Adex International: Oil-Free Compressor Supplier in UAE

Adex International is the dealer for oil free air compressor brands Gentilin ,Michael and Matador with models with tank capacity of 24ltr, 50ltr ,100ltr and 200ltr.

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