Black and Decker Air compressor Model BD205/24

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  • Dimensions
    79.8 x 39.7 x 58
  • Ideal air compressor for all home needs and hobbies
  • It is a direct driven lubricated compressor
  • Has very simple and user friendly controls
  • Powerful machine which produces maximum output pressure of 8 bar and runs with a 2 HP lubricated pump
  • Provided with large wheels and convenient handle which makes it easy to transport the compressor anywhere
  • Has an excellent design that can provide maximum pressure of 8 bar at air flow rate of 210 l/min.
  • Has an 8 bar, 24L tank which provides a useful reserve of air
  • Suitable for inflating tires, balls and small mattresses
  • Can also be used for activities like dusting, screwing, stapling, spraying, cleaning, nailing and air brushing


What’s in the box?
  • 1 x Black+Decker Air Compressor, BD205/24 at 8 Bars, 24 L)

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