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  • MODEL: XDM-K50
  • XDM-K50 is Lightweight, strong, versatile and Portable design suitable for drain lines of Ø20-100mm (3/4″- 4″) .
  • Uses different cables of Ø8mm (5/16″) and 16mm(5/8″). Soft shaft MF-2-A  Ø8mm (5/16″) best for  Ø20-50mm drains.
  • Uses Sectional Helical flexible shaft Ø16mm (5/8) best for  Ø32-100mm(1-1/4″-4″). The sectional cables can be extended as required.
  • Cable clutch ensures operator control, pull handle down and cable spins speed at 400 RPM, and the soft shaft stops when the handle is released.
  • Equipped with 390W motor.
  • Rated Voltage:220V (110V optional) 50Hz,60Hz.
XDM-K50 Drain cleaner Machine  (110Volt or 220Volt – 50/60Hz ) 390W
MRH1-1 7-Sections of  MR-4-1  (Φ16mm×2.3m sectional cable)

1-Pc of  MR-3-1       ( Φ16mm×2.3m   flexible cable )

1-Pc of   MF-1-F       (  Φ430 cable holder )

MZHA-1 8-Pc set of auger &cutter Ø16mm( MT-1-A       MT-2-A     MT-3-A     MT-5-A       MT-6-A      MT-7-A     MT-8-A     MT-9-A )
MF-3-A 1-Pc  of  Ø4  Key
MF-2-A 1-Pc  Ø8mm x 5M soft shaft  combination
MF-5-A 1-Pc Protection gloves
MF-6-A 1-Pc Accessory barrel

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