Elemax Honda SH7600EX Petrol Generator 6.5 KVA

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SH7600EX  Elemax Honda is one of the most sold Petrol generators in the UAE and is sought after for its efficiency, reliability, and performance.

SH7600EX proudly made in Japan, features the legendary Honda GX390 engine and comes equipped with a voltage regulation system ensuring smooth and stable power output for powering electrical appliances

-Honda OHV 4-stroke Engine
Provides high power, outstanding fuel economy.Fuel consumption is nearly 30% less than comparable side-valve engines.

-Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)
ELEMAX’s AVR smooths power output fluctuations to enable operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

-Large Fuel Tank
17 liter fuel tank for SH3200EX,SH3900EX and newly developed 28 liter fuel tank for upper model realize exceptionally long operating hours.

-10% to 25% Increased Output Power Compared to DX series *1
Rated output power has been increased from 10 to 25% compared to DX series.
This power up is provided by newly designed Sawafuji square core alternator.

-New Designed Control Panel *2
Not only new attractive outlook design, safety and water resistance are also improved.

-Improved Frame Design
Welded upper bar and widen diameter of the frame pipe are significantly improved the outlook image and protect the machine from rough handling and damage.


R-type; 220V (50Hz)
S-type; 220V(60Hz)
D-type; 110/220V(60Hz)
LD-type; 120/240V(60Hz)

Generator Frequency (Hz)

50, 60

Generator Type

Self-Exciting, 2-pole, Field Rotating Type

Generator Voltage Regulation System


Generator Phase


Generator AC Output Rated Power (KVA)

5.6 (50Hz)
6.5 (60Hz)

Generator AC Output Maximum Power (KVA)

6.5 (50Hz)
7.6 (60Hz)

Generator Rated Voltage (V)

220 (R,S-type),
110/220 (D-type),
120/240 (LD-type)

Generator DC Output (V-A)


Generator Rated Power Factor (cosφ)


Engine Maker


Engine Models


Engine Displacement (CC)


Engine Net Power (kW)

8.7 (3,600rpm)

Engine Ignition System


Engine Oil Alert System


Engine Starting System

Recoil (OP; Electric)

L x W x H (mm)

708 x 548 x 493

Dry Weight (kg)


Fuel Tank Capacity (liters)


Sound Level [dB(A)/7m]

73 (50Hz)
76 (60 Hz)

Continuous Operating Hours (hr)

8.5 (50Hz)
7.2 (60Hz)

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