Euroboor TCT Annular Cutter – 75 mm

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DIA Ø 12 – 50 mm

Euroboor Tungsten Carbide Tipped (SANDVIK) Annular Cutters with a drill depth of 75 mm are equipped with a spiral flute which creates optimum chip removal and makes seizure next to impossible. These carbide cutting tools are used to drill in hardened materials such as HARDOX steel, stainless steels and high tensile strength steel such as railway tracks. Because of their composition, and when used in a proper way, these TCT cutting tools – 75 mm are less susceptible to breakage than High Speed Steel Cutters, especially in larger diameters and lengths.

Annular cutting

Ø 12 up to Ø 17
Ø 18 up to Ø 50


HMY.120 up to HMY.170
HMY.180 up to HMY.500


19,05 mm (3/4")
19,05 mm (3/4")

Best use with pilot pin

IBC.140 & IBC.157

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