Flex Rotary Polisher: PXE 80 10.8-EC/2.5 Set

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The smart cordless polisher 10,8 V, rotary and random orbital free-running

Battery voltage 10,8 V
Battery capacity 2,5 / 4,0 Ah
Max. polishing disc size 80 mm
Max. support plate size 75 mm
Polishing stroke 3 / 12 mm
No-load speed 400-2000/-3000/-4000/-5800 rpm
Orbit rate, no load 800-4000/-6000/-8000/-11600 1 rpm
Number of supplied batteries 2 Cont.
With charger Yes
Dimensions WxLxH 265 x 65 x 95 mm
Weight without battery pack 0,6 kg

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