Force Gauge PCE-DFG N 50K

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Force gauge PCE-DFG N 50K
with external S load cell, USB interface and PC software

The force measuring device measures both tensile forces and compressive forces and this with a very high resolution. The tensile force or compressive force is often required in test laboratories, for example. The force gauge is supplied with an external measuring cell. The measuring cell is connected to the force measuring device by an approx. 6 m long sensor cable. The force measuring device or the force measuring cell has an M20 thread mount to initiate the tensile or compressive forces.

The force measuring device can work with a sampling rate of up to 1600 Hz. The scanned measured values ​​are displayed as instantaneous values ​​as well as in a graphical measurement curve directly in the force measuring device. The measurements can be stored in the internal memory or transferred as a live measurement via USB interface with the software included in the scope of delivery with a maximum of 800 Hz. The force measuring device has a graphic LCD that displays the measured values ​​numerically and graphically. Furthermore, the force measuring device is protected according to IP54 and can therefore also be used in harsh industrial environments.

The force measuring device offers the possibility of storing two limit values ​​that are continuously compared with the current value. If these limit values ​​are exceeded or not reached, a signal appears in the display of the force measuring device, as well as a reaction via external interfaces, e.g. this can be used to control a testing machine.


– USB interface
– Graphic display
– Fast response time
– PC software incl.
– Memory for 100 measurements


Measuring range 0 … 50 kN / 5,000 kg / 5 t
Resolution 0.005 kN / 5 N
Accuracy ±0.2% of the measuring range
Measurement units kN, t, klb, MPa
Display 2.8″ TFT graphic display
Alarm modes Inside, Outside, Crack/Overload, Shutdown
Sampling rate 6 … 1600 Hz
Memory 100 measurements
Power supply NiMh battery, 6 V / 1600 mAh
Battery life approx. 10 hours
Power supply / charging adapter 12 V / 1 A
Outputs interface: USB
switching output: 12 V / 50 mA
Protection class handset IP 54
Protection class load cell IP 67
Operating and storage conditions -10 … 50 °C
5 … 95 % r.h. not condensing
Dimensions of load cell L 76.2 mm / H 101.6 mm / W 27.2 mm / M20 x 1.5 thread / 2800 g
(see technical drawing)
Cable length load cell ca. 6 m
Dimensions of handset 200 x 97 x 42 mm
Weight of handset 540 g


1 x Force Gauge PCE-DFG N 50K
1 x Load cell (depending on model)
1 x USB cable
1 x Charger
1 x PC software
1 x User manual
(Eye bolts optional, see accessories)

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