Hedge Trimmer Honda HHH25-75D

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With its ultra-quiet GX25 mini 4-stroke engine providing effortless power, the HHH25D Hedgetrimmer is the perfect tool for keeping your garden – or that of your clients – neat and tidy.

A unique 4-way Anti Vibration Handle reduces vibration while the ergonomical 3-way Rotational Rear Handle ensures precise trimming and user comfort every time.

Unlike its 2-stroke rivals the HHH25D Hedgecutter – just like all Honda Power Equipment products – runs on regular unleaded fuel so you’ll never have to mix oil and petrol again. Your wallet will thank you and so will the environment.


The HHH25D features a lightweight design (just 6.6kg dry weight) and a unique inclinable 4-Stroke engine that allows you to use it – and store it – at any angle.

Precision trimming is easy with the use of the Hedgecutter’s four-way handles, and added comfort is ensured with Honda’s anti-vibration technologies included.

Of course, you’ll be craving the power that Honda is known for. In the HHH25D, this power is supplied via a highly responsive accelerator pump.


After you experience the ease of starting the Hedgecutter courtesy of Honda’s famous one-pull easy-start system, you will feel empowered – even on the biggest jobs – by the double-sided, 720mm-long cutting blade.

Despite this unbridled power, safety is never compromised at Honda and the HHH25D is no exception. A two-motion throttle trigger ensures the blades wait until you’re ready, and safety is further improved with a double-sided blade guard.


Of course, no Honda Power Equipment product is complete without a resoundingly strong Warranty.

The HHH25D features a 4-year Domestic Warranty and a 1-year Commercial Warranty, giving you added peace of mind no matter what job you’re doing.

It’s also backed by Honda’s network of 450+ authorised dealers Australia-wide, who will be more than happy to help you out.

  • 2-motion throttle trigger
  • Low emissions and fuel consumption
  • 3-way, adjustable rear handle

• Engine – GX25 4-stroke
• Displacement – 25cc
• Weight – 6.6kg
• Noise – 82 dB (A)
• Warranty – 4 Years Domestic, 1 Year Commerc

  • GX25cc Engine
  • 720mm Cutting Blade
  • Contractor Quality
  • 360° Operation




Dimensions (Lxwxh)

1220 x 312 x 259

Dry Weight (Kg)

6.6 kg


82dB (A)

Blade Speed

1,373 rpm

Blade Length

720mm Double Sided


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