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Economical pump that is ideal for water applications with dirt particles up to 8 mm.

  • Maximum flow rate: 580 l/min
  • Maximum suction height: 8 meters
  • Maximum total head: 26 meters

For more information, see the DESCRIPTION of the product.


  • Honda GX-240 engine with oil alarm.
  • Seal made of silicon carbide (SiC). The special seal (developed by Koshin) is 4-5 times more durable than the standard carbon-ceramic mechanical seal.
  • New pump design with full aluminum die-cast housing for guaranteed 8 meter suction height.
  • Perfect for sandy and muddy water with dirt particles up to 9 mm.
  • Long screw connection for easy maintenance.
  • Guaranteed suction height of 8 meters*.
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal: 4-5 times more resistant than standard carbon-ceramic mechanical seal.
  • Spheroidal graphite cast iron (FCD) for impeller and volute casing offers 6-10 times higher erosion resistance than normal cast iron (FC200).


  Grain size MAX 9mm

Note: All figures refer to 0 m above sea level.


  • Construction sites for rapid drainage
  • municipal use in emergencies
  • Flood and inundation situations
  • long-term pumping of untreated water
  • heavy irrigation work
  • Cleaning fish breeding tanks
  • Drainage in emergency situations


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Introducing the STH-100X Half Sewage Pump, the ultimate solution for tackling dirty water problems. With its powerful Honda GX-240 engine and oil alarm, this pump is designed for unsurpassed performance and reliability. The innovative silicon carbide (SiC) gasket developed by Koshin ensures exceptional durability and is 4-5 times more resistant than standard gaskets. The all-aluminum die-cast housing guarantees an impressive suction power of 8 meters, while the long threaded connection allows for easy maintenance. This professional pump is perfect for handling sandy and muddy water with dirt particles up to 9 mm and is the ideal choice for any demanding task. Don’t let dirty water slow you down – choose the STH-100X Half Sewage Pump and experience unsurpassed efficiency and durability. Order your pump today and say goodbye to water problems.

The diagram below helps you to visualize the power losses as a function of the delivery head and vice versa:
Charakterisierung STH-100 X


Technical information:

Connection diameter 100 mm (4”)
Connection thread Outer pipe thread BSP
Total head 28 m
Delivery quantity 1450


Max. Suction height 8 m
Grain size Max. 9 mm
Motor type Air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Motor Honda GX240
Cubic capacity 270


Rated power 4,6

kW (6.3 hp) / 3600 rpm

Max. Power 5.9

kW (8.0 hp) / 3600 rpm

Fuel Automotive unleaded gasoline
Capacity of the fuel tank 5.3 L
Continuous operating time Approx. 2 hours.
Start method Rewind starter
Standard accessories 1 mud flap,
2 hose couplings,
3 hose bands,
1 Engine tool kit
Weight 56


Dimensions L×W×H (cm) 68

× 49

× 67.5


A – Feed,

B – head,

C – Suction

perfomance sth-100x

*Performance may vary depending on conditions

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