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These jacks are mainly used with vehicles fitted with a compressed air tank. They are very compact models. Their monoblock -integrated tank- uniweld construction reduces their dimensions and makes transpor tation easier. Ideal for road size services.

The BRA series models are fitted with a manual pump and manual release so that they can be operated as a portable bottle jack. Lowering is controlled by adjusting the release valve.

The operator will always be in control of the descent even if the air supply is interrupted.

The piston are hardened with a salt bath nitriding treatment to ensure a long working life.

They have a fast load approach screw and a high performance pneumatic pump with remote control drive.


 Capacity (t)  A  B  C  D  Weight (kg)  Air pressure required  Neccessary air flow  Reference
 30  242  138  75  455  20  7 bar / 100 psi   270 l/min / 9,5 cfm  BRB30

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