Set of VDE BI tools in SOS tool tray 964/15SOS

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Product features

  • Tool tray dimension: 188 x 364 x 30 mm
  • Compatible with drawers of Eurostyle, Eurovision, Europlus and Hercules (front drawers) line

Set includes:

  • 1x combination pliers (article 406/1VDEBI) dim. 180
  • 1x diagonal cutting nippers (article 461/1VDEBI) dim. 160
  • 1x wire stripping pliers (article 478/1VDEBI) dim. 160
  • 3x VDETBI electrician´s screwdriver with insulated blade (article 603VDETBI) dim. 0.4×2.5×75, 0.6×3.5×100, 1.0×5.5×125
  • 2x VDETBI crosstip (PH) screwdriver with insulated blade (article 613VDETBI) dim. PH 1×80, PH 2×100
  • 1x voltage tester 220 – 250 V (article 630VDE) dim. 0.5×3.0x140
Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity Weight
Set of VDE BI tools in SOS tool tray 621070 964/15SOS 9 1140
Combination pliers 406/1VDEBI 180 1
Diagonal cutting nippers 461/1VDEBI 160 1
Wire stripping pliers 478/1VDEBI 160 1
Electrician´s screwdriver with insulated blade, VDE TBI 603VDETBI 0.4 x 2.5×75, 0.6 x 3.5×100, 1.0 x 5.5×125 3
Crosstip (PH) screwdriver with insulated blade, VDE TBI 613VDETBI PH1x80, PH2x100 2
Voltage tester 220 – 250 V 630VDE 0.5 x 3.0×140 1
SOS tool tray for 964/15SOS VL964/15SOS 188x364x30 1
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

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