Extech 382100: 1200A 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger

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Extech 382100 is a 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger that saves data on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to your PC.

Single phase, 3-phase/3-wire or 3-phase/4-wire systems
Large backlighting LCD displays 35 parameters simultaneously (MW, kVAR, MVA, PF plus the voltage and current of the 3 phases)
Displays Active Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA), Reactive Power (kVAR) and Power Factor
Current measurements to 1200A and Voltage measurements to 600V
MWH, MVAh, MVARh energy measurements
Adjustable CT ratio (1 to 600) and PT ratio (1 to 1000)
Automatically logs up to 30,000 sets of measurements with 2GB SD memory card
User-programmable sampling time from 2 to 7200 seconds

Comes with three current clamps, four voltage leads with alligator clips, eight AA batteries, SD memory card, Universal AC adapter (100 to 240V), case, and user manual.


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